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Jan 8 2013, 04:04 AM
Queen B
Jan 7 2013, 05:24 PM
Lol I'm no fan of MM myself either but I really couldn't care less about his tweets, unless there is spoilers about the show involved.
MM and the actors are not supposed to give out any info about any of the shows that are coming up. MM does it all the time to make look like he is going to be hot and does it to pump himself up so he will be the hero and big man on the show. I think he got his hands slapped a couple of times for revealing what was going to happen on the show. He cooled it for awhile but now he does it in a manner that gets you wondering what is going to happen and his fans keep going back for more because they are learning a little bit about the show. This proves too that he doesn't think he has to listen to what TPTB tell him because he thinks that he is so hot and valuable to the show they would never fire him. Believe me the prick can be fired as quick as he was hired if he keeps opening his mouth too much.
i hate it when he does that! keep saying "this year is gonna be wonderful",how the fuck would he know? is he psychic or something? no. i just wish he would just shut up bc lately anything he says/does just sets me off big time. He even had the nerve last sat to say "hey i won't tweet much",then he still does. :shrug:
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