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When Faye said that it wasn't about money, it's about integrity I almost spit out my iced tea (glass houses.. Ms Faye) Marisa was 100% correct in telling Kyle that Faye had no business shoving her nose in where it didn't belong. I'm so tired of hearing of what Brandi said at Game Night to Kim. Again, had Faye watched the episode she would've seen that Kyle NOR Kim were angels that night. If anything they were acting like catty bitches (hiding Brandi's crutches, not wanting Brandi to be on their team)

Just the fact that Kyle had to be told to go after Brandi proves that Kyle could care less about making up with Brandi and simply enjoyed watching her pit bull rip her to shreds. I LOVED it when Lisa kept on rolling her eyes at Faye and finally said something. I cannot believe how much I loathe Kyle this season, from being my favorite housewife in the first and second seasons to literally annoying the crap out of me.

I enjoyed Brandi and Camille's chat, but from what I read they no longer get along...is this true? Maybe I misread it.

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