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Jan 8 2013, 02:39 PM
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None of this makes sense to me. If he's only gone a few weeks, he's already back. We know he's back because there has been at least one pic on set with him. And why would Drake wait until now to ask for support when he filmed John leaving town three months ago?
Mentioning it three months ago would have spoiled the story and risked confusing fans who didn't understand how John would be at risk when he was on screen a lot. Waiting until people would be outraged about the break anyway makes more sense. Plus leaving town is usually never good unless it's an actor directed break. Remember when Lucas went to rehab? It's a way to gauge fan reaction to the absence.
But it doesn't sound like it's for very long and we already know he's back.
But he sees the writing on the wall. It's like- the guy in my avatar is planning to leave town, and I'm unfazed because characters plan to leave without actually gong anywhere all the time, but if the actor got on twitter and said what DH, I'd know there might be something more to it and start complaining once that kind of talk hit the screen.

With DH, I'm not sure how long it's for, but even a few weeks is enough time to see if people mind that he's gone.
I'm not really disagreeing, but I don't think the pieces we have really make any sense. The timing of all of it is just weird.
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