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Jan 8 2013, 01:52 PM
Jan 8 2013, 12:54 PM
Dec 31 2012, 12:29 PM
Ana, and others, have come out and said Ana wasn't referring to RJ (Lea's son) when she said "socially awkward." In fact, Ana was referring to the way Lea has described her daughters in the past, in blogs, etc.
I'm not buying it.

Ana clearly- by her own words in her blog- prepared to battle with Lea at this reunion, and she's not an idiot. I think she knew how people would interpret that comment, and I think she scripted it brilliantly so that it's subtle enough where I might believe she wasn't trying to take a swipe at Lea's son (the way Lea took a swipe at her daughters). Maybe if she didn't come in with a binder full of research and a pocketful of quips I might believe her remark was innocent.

I don't hold it against her though, really, because I don't care about her or Lea.
I don't think anyone considered Ana's comment about RJ. Like Ana said in her blog after the reunion, if Lea had thought she was referring to RJ, Lea would've jumped off that couch and went after Ana. Any mother would. Lea had no problems getting up and defending everything else Ana was throwing her way. But the minute Ana "insulted RJ" Lea just sat there? Don't think so! Lea knew Ana was referring to the way Lea spoke about Ana's daughters throughout the season, and that's why she said nothing. It wasn't until the VIEWERS/FANS started speculating that Ana was talking about RJ that anything came out of it. It wasn't Ana labeling RJ as "socially awkward," it was the viewers, and how they think of Lea's son.
And who ever would have guessed that anyone would interpret Ana's comment as being about the kid? It's just so unforeseeable...

I love how we disagree on EVERYTHING about these shows. :)
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