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As do I. The last week or two has kinda been blah. Tarly was the highlight. I'm really liking the writing for Dante and Lulu, even if Lulu is a bit annoying right now.

Not really thrilled Maxie and Spinelli had sex and I already know where it's headed without even reading spoilers (I've been avoiding spoilers more and more). Poor Ellie. No one even knows who she is really. I like her and the actress.

I wish I cared more about Sabrina/Britt/Patrick, but in actuality I just care about Emma and Robin, who I actually view as Robin again. Sabrina's alright but they need to tone her done just a bit. And plus, we all know she's going to be made over in time for the Nurse's Ball, Patrick falls for her, etc ....

Brandon Barash is great. Johnny is hopeless at this point.

Michael is useless to me unless he's with AJ, who makes him tolerable. Starr is just ... ugh. I don't even feel badly for her when I should.

Connie is just ridiculous. When was the last time Kate was even out? I feel like it's been years (though I know it hasn't been). Who would even care if Kate came back at this point? I think they just need to ride out her contract and cut their losses. I get they love Kelly Sullivan but they really need to just let it go. She would have worked better as someone else.
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