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OMG! I was just going to go on a tirade about how Avery's magical cupcakes will solve any problems but you all beat me to it. The character of Avery had a lot of potential. But the actress's Disney-heroine inspired performance is irritating and flat. And in 2013, a key compnent to a supposedly intelligent, thriving attorney is her baking skills? The actress should confer with Sharon Case on how to properly play an ingenue. The only scenes where she is marginally OK, are with Summer. But that's mainly due to the actress who plays Summer.

With the casting of Steve Burton to be Avery's ex, it seems they have big plans for Avery, but a major change needs to be made in their direction of the character and the actresses portrayal or it's going to be one big disaster - think Genevieve. Come to think of it, Gen's first scene was offering her son a freshly baked cookie! Coincidence?
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