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Whether he is or isn't off for a couple of weeks and then back isn't what is annoying me. It's that a) John would NEVER leave town when his family was in trouble b) he would NEVER leave Marlena for what in their history amounts to next to nothing and c) the fact the writers are ditching him from a story that is about him makes zero sense. The writers - who correct me if I'm wrong here are the same who gave J&M the 5 sec goodbye and left him a quadriplegic - seem to have little understanding for his character, as evidenced by the crazy way they've had him act since Kristen's return.

I understand the need for writers to rile fans. It keeps them interested and yes, there have been plenty of OOC moments for J&M over the years (Alex North anyone?) BUT I do not understand how they can't get the line between rile and enrage? Why would you go out of your way to annoy your fans in this manner? They could just as easily given John the time off if they wanted a 'break' from him by having him investigate off screen. But to make him do it in such an OOC way is just plain insulting to long-time viewers.

On another - but similar - note...can anyone tell me if people have responded to Drake's tweet to bug TPTB? I don't use twitter so I don't know but judging from the responses on this board there hasn't exactly been much reaction...no planned 'twitterbombs' or the like so it's hard for me to see if anything is/was being done. Just curious if he got some response.
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