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Although beautiful, Nadia Bjorlin is such a terrible actress. Please turn Chloe back into the diva that returned in 2007. Or turn her back to Ghoul Girl. Those two time periods have been the only time Bjorlin has been able to handle the writing and showcase some sort of acting talent.

I was really surprised to see the Stephanie and Ian flashbacks today since Hennig is no longer on the show. Don't see that much, especially on DAYS. Same with Philip returning. It was kind of lame to have Philip be off-screen (like Bo at the moment), but I guess I have to give Tomlin/Whitesell credit to have Philip "in Salem" rather than out of town dealing with the news. At least they can say Philip was around family while dealing with losing Parker as a son, even if we never get to see him. Caught by surprise from both aspects today. I liked it.

My Parker has grown!

Remember when moments like a father (or mother) being reunited with his son were impacting? I felt nothing when Parker ran into Daniel's arms. Absolutely nothing. And it has nothing to do with the character being unpopular. I don't hate Daniel like everyone else does. I felt nothing because this "twist" literally came out of nowhere. I'm not even against the idea, like I've said before. I kind of like Parker being Daniel's son. However, you can't throw one episode at us of Kate and Daniel discussing Parker and call it "build-up." There was no lead-in to Daniel being Parker's father and it showed in that last scene. What should've been an emotional moment could be compared to one of the characters walking into the Brady Pub. It just meant nothing.

So Maggie's a grandmother. Yay. :sarcasm:

Even though Rinna's entire return has been pointless, I'm glad to see Billie and Jennifer's friendship showcased again. The same thing can be said about Lucas and Jennifer. Dattilo isn't being given anything meaningful, but I do appreciate his involvement in his sister's story.

A bachelor party at a coffee shop has to be the lamest idea I ever heard. At least close the coffee shop to the public and have alcohol for the guys to drink. Strippers. Anything.

I always like the angle of someone, unbeknownst to the viewers, overhearing a secret.
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