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Jan 8 2013, 01:18 PM
I wonder if someone has finally managed to capture online viewership numbers? Fewer and fewer people watch "TV" anymore. Those Neilsen numbers are just TV numbers, aren't they?
They're not even just "television" numbers -- they're "numbers from a select group of people across the country who have boxes set up in their homes to report their viewing habits (or, alternatively, have agreed to list their viewing habits in journals of sorts)".

In other words, unless you are a "Nielsen family", your viewing habits are not actually influencing the ratings at all. They simply take statistics from a select group of people and make estimates based on those statistics. The Nielsen ratings system is notoriously archaic and lame, but, unfortunately, that's what they've chosen to use, and it's the only game in town, so to speak.

They do have ways to measure online viewing, to an extent, and they do measure DVR viewing (still only in a select number of homes, though -- I'm not saying that you're automatically a Nielsen family just because you have a DVR; instead, what I'm saying is that if a Nielsen family, for instance, taped a week's worth of Days episodes and watched all five episodes on Saturday night, as opposed to watching them live each day, that would be reflected in a different rating known as Live + 7 [airdate + the first seven days after the airdate]), but the live statistics are the ones that truly matter.

Oh, and SoapNet's nightly airings (and weekend marathons) of Days probably dilute the show's ratings even further, but the same can also be said for Y&R and GH.
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