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Just getting to watch this now. Chloe looks good. Daniel looks stunned. That's kind of fun already. It's gonna take Chloe the whole episode to spit this out, isn't it? That's why they have 30 second scenes. Why is Chloe calling Jennifer "Jennifer Horton" when she knows she was married to Jack. Wouldn't she know her as Jennifer Deveraux? I realize in the grand scheme of things that's a ridiculous question, but still . . . it makes me wonder. Yes Chloe, just say it. But no, first we have to have a bunch of exposition. Nice to know she's talking to Brady though. Hee! On Daniel calling Chloe on her inability to spit it out. Double hee!! on Chloe having none of it. And, finally, Chloe spits it out.

Marlena's hair looks good. I know it was the same hair from Friday, but I thought I would mention it today anyway. I got a minor glimpse of old school RoJohn in one of those looks that John gave Marlena. That was cool. I'm glad Marlena got to plead her case, but as much as I understand it, she was still in the wrong. And that makes me love this conflict. Marlena's right to be upset with John and even not trust him. But John's got a right to be upset too -- not just because Marlena knew, but because she set him up to find out. Oh Sami, all this "we" stuff is freaking me out. You don't usually say that many sentences in a row without making it all about you.

Sami being the ultimate hypocrite is always fun. Brady and Sami referring to each other as brother and sister is nice too. When will these people understand that the more they call Brady stupid, the more defensive he gets. It's really not that hard. I think it would have been absolutely hilarious if they had all just welcomed her to the family. Hey Sami! Your current semi-boyfriend is the man who tried to kill your step-father (you know, Brady's FATHER), not to mention your uncle, your aunt, your other uncle and various and sundry lesser relatives. And all of that happened a lot more recently than what Kristen did to your mother. I love how dismissive Kristen is of Sami. It's fun.

It's KAYLA and Caroline. Yay. MBE looks gorgeous. And Kayla is a Captain and Tenille (sp?) fan. I may be the only person on the planet who finds that endearing. The banter with Caroline was cute. The conversation with Stephanie was appropriately vague. As was that conversation with Caroline. And MBE does have awesome boots.

Jennifer and Abigail are not entertaining. I know it's supposed to be cute, but it's just really not. Maybe Lucas will spice things up. Well, Lucas is cute begging, but wrangling to get Kate a hotel room isn't entertaining. But this little snit has potential. Abby just step back. Your mother can fight her own battles. And she does so quite well.

Sadly, Brady and Kristen are already reaching boring territory. The heads exploding around them are fun, but they themselves, not so much.

Not a bad episode.
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