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Jan 8 2013, 11:59 AM
None of this makes sense to me. If he's only gone a few weeks, he's already back. We know he's back because there has been at least one pic on set with him. And why would Drake wait until now to ask for support when he filmed John leaving town three months ago?
This is just my interpretation, but I think that Drake sent that "NOW is the time..." tweet out because he knew that John would soon be off-screen for a certain period of time. As six seemed to be alluding to (if I'm reading their posts correctly), Drake wanted the fans to make their opinions known if they didn't like a John-free Salem, so that it wouldn't happen again in the future.

What's more effective -- complaining about a lack of airtime for John when he's being seen on-screen several times a week, or complaining about a lack of airtime for John when he's actually getting little or no airtime? I'd guess the latter, although both scenarios are probably equally futile, I'm afraid. And, of course, if Drake wanted fans to complain when he was off-screen, one would have assumed that he would have sent out a similar tweet when he was off-screen this summer, before Eileen Davidson started airing...but maybe he was more confident at that time because he viewed Kristen's return as job security. :shrug:

In any case, I think that his tweet might have been intended as more of a glimpse into the future -- "This is only temporary right now, but it could happen again at any time, so it's a perfect opportunity to speak up!" -- as opposed to being a hint about him being written out again in March or April.

But I could be, and probably am, entirely wrong.
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