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Wow, they sure gave Kayla a mouthful of exposition today didn't they? I do love that she talks about not being proud of Stephanie being manipulative and insecure. Because as much as I love Stephanie, she was very much those things at that time.

And I give props to the show for coming up with an explanation that doesn't require a retcon at all. It fits perfectly within what we saw happen, except that the DNA results didn't give a name, just a yes or no. But that's a minor point. As was discussed on Twitter today, I think there is a good chance this was always supposed to be the story, but it got changed somewhere along the line. Maybe because SH and JKJ were leaving or maybe because Dena got fired. But there was enough speculation back in the day and this explanation fits so perfectly that I do think it was planned for in some way.

On another note, why wouldn't Parker still call Victor, "Grandpa"? Victor is married to Parker's grandmother. It's just not biological anymore. And hey, Maggie just made that point. Well done, show.

And I'm really sad we didn't get the Philip/Stephanie offscreen confrontation. That would have been fun.
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