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Jan 8 2013, 09:35 PM
Jan 8 2013, 03:29 PM
Sami is being so stupid here. It's like not Will didn't know he was the Dad, Gabi never hid that from him. Will has agreed to everything Gabi and Nick put before him. Sami tried to pawn Will off on Austin for YEARS with Austin and Lucas both in the dark about it, this is not even close to being as bad as that.

I hope Chad gets hurt out of this. He signed the paper with Justin to keep his hateful mouth shut about Gabi, but noooo he's can't do it..so he deserves whatever he gets. I'm hoping Rafe lets him have it good!

I'm guessing Sami is going to figure it all out soon and see what a fool she's being. Of course the big fool will be EJ, who's lapping it all up like her little pitiful puppy dog. He's going to get hurt..if that's possible to hurt him..and then I hope Nicole is there to laugh, pick up his pieces and surely he will have learned his lesson this time!
I don't get why Sami is so bent out of shape either. :shrug:

Like you said, Gabi and Will agreed to this lie and neither is more or less guilty here than the other. At any point, Will could have stood up to Nick and said, I am the bio dad, and I am not going along with this plan for you to raise my child as yours, but Will chose to go along with all of this mainly because he didn't want to hurt or lose Sonny; Gabi was ok with it because she got to be with Nick and keep her baby. All of this is stupid plot points to cause a rift between Safe so Ej can swoop in and go after Sami. Little does he know that she already chose Rafe to be with and once again she turns to him when she and Rafe are on the outs.

I agree! Ej may win when all of this shit blows up. But its only a technicality... Ej will find out in the end Sami will STILL want Rafe regardless.
So sad too, Ej could have used his time to actually find someone who actually likes him, LOL
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