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I wanted to straighten my hair, so I decided not to do a pbp. I know some of y'all are relieved. However, within three minutes, I realized this wasn't going to work, so I had to take notes.

The episode as a whole wasn't terrible, but it also wasn't good. Meanwhile, two pretty dramatic stories were referenced and we didn't get to see them play out.

The Nabi/Wabi drama was better today than I usually find it. For the most part everyone seemed to be in possession of a brain. That's rare and nice. Where does Will live now? I know they were at Sami's, but is that where he's living? Sonny's dialogue about Will having to get Nick a gift because he's the best man was weird. Will's response was great, but you get him a gift because weddings and gifts go together. Also, Lucas told Nick to take a seat and Nick answered by ordering coffee...but then Lucas sat down and the two of them got up later to order coffee. Weird.

My #1 issue with their story today was the discussion about Gabi's mom. Look...I don't want another Hernandez either. But Gabi's mom finding out Gabi's knocked up supposedly by her ex-con boyfriend is actual drama. This has been a consistent issue with the last few regimes. Stop telling us about all this dramatic stuff that happens offscreen.

The Jennifer scenes were just excessive. The worst though was Billie and Lucas trying to wake her up. Just ugh.

Chloe/Daniel/Kayla/Victor/Maggie. Well, my complaint about this is different than usual. They actually did a really good job of making this make sense. The flashbacks were a nice touch, and the fact that it happened over Christmas was a nice tie-in to Stephanie's first phone call...you know, the one I asked if it was going to be relevant later? Right. And that's all the positive I can say about it. Doing this story and not including Stephanie and Philip ONSCREEN is just ridiculous. And heck, even include Caroline a little more. That could still be coming, though.

Chloe referring to this as "a miracle" was just bad. It's not like we've seen anyone on the show asking for this to happen. IDK if there are people who have been anxious for this to happen all along, but IMO that whole aspect of the scenes just fell flat. Daniel's reunion with Parker fell even flatter. There was an episode of build up. Seriously? That was supposed to be emotional? Well, it wasn't.

Other weird things about this story:
-Henderson came in and took 5 minutes to announce Philip who was apparently a mere 5 feet away from where Victor was anyway.
-Maggie is going to have to get to know Parker? It's even been referenced that she and Victor visit him.
-It took Maggie way too long to catch on that Parker was her grandson.
-Parker is f'ing 2 years old, Maggie. He's too old for blanket peek-a-boo and that voice.
-Daniel hasn't seen Parker since he was born. Really? No.
-And this has nothing to do with that story, but Maggie mentioned to Nick that Kate's business might be an issue for his parole office. Really, Maggie? You mean Mad World Cosmetics? That's owned by YOUR HUSBAND?

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