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Jan 8 2013, 05:49 PM
Jan 8 2013, 05:41 PM
So why does Kate reveal the information she has on Chloe to Jennifer and not to Daniel? To my knowledge, Kate and Jennifer have never been particularly close. (It also was weird that Jennifer was helping Kate with travel arrangements. Where's Kate's assistant?) Meanwhile, Kate has had several friendly conversations with Daniel recently. If she's trying to create problems for Chloe, why wouldn't she hand the information straight to Daniel? By intriguing in the backgound, all she's going to do is lose him as an ally in any custody-sharing/visitation battle to come.

Speaking of which, it sounds like the show is gearing up for two major custody battles. If you count Jarlena trying to save their "baby boy" from the evil clutches of Kristen, there's not going to be a whole lot of variety on this show for the next few months. It's sort of the ultimate in recyling stories -- just give all the character sets basically the same story and have everybody fight it out day after day. Whoever said the show is becoming like Maury Povich or Jerry Springer is really onto something.

the writers want to make daniel more likeable right? so I don't undertand why they keep writing him as a hypocritical judgemental sleazebag?

Like having him take chloe's kid away from her. Viewers are going to be rooting for chloe, not him.
if anything, that's going to make people hate him more.
It would be poetic justice if Daniel's past came out during a custody battle and ended up costing him Parker. Who would the judge side with--a woman who was coerced into prostitution but managed to get free of it, turned her life around, and has been a loving mother to her child ever since, or a man who abandoned his wife and her new baby rather than work to save the marriage, covered up a DNA switch, has a reputation for using women and preying on his female patients, and is essentially a stranger to the child he turned his back on when he dumped the boy's mother? Neither Chloe nor Daniel is a shoo-in for Parent of the Year, but I'd think a judge would be more likely to award custody to Chloe, since she's been one of Parker's primary caretakers from the start. I'd also think that trying to take her son away would be one thing Chloe couldn't forgive Daniel for. If she retains custody of Parker, I could envision her hightailing it out of Salem rather than giving him another chance to do it again.
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