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I figured that the truth about Will shooting E.J. would eventually be revealed as part of the inevitable custody battle, but I wasn't sure when it would happen. If they write this properly and treat the crimes as "real" courts would, Nick's knowledge of Will's secret won't matter at all, because Will's crime is the least-damning of all. Will committed his crime as a minor; Gabi and Nick are each unable to use that excuse. But I'm sure that Nick will continue to act all smug and superior, thinking, as always, that he's smarter than everyone else and has the upper hand. I really can't stand him, and I can't wait for his inevitable downfall.

I'm not looking forward to seeing Sonny break up with Will, but I've known for months that it would eventually happen, so I'm prepared for it. :lol: Hopefully it won't last long, and they're given a great love scene when they reunite (perhaps in time for Valentine's Day? Eh, probably too soon), but I won't get my hopes up for the second part of that wish.

I'm glad that Marlena's going to have a conversation with Will. However, there is not an expletive in existence that is vulgar enough to describe my distaste for any spoilers that suggest that I'm going to soon be forced to suffer through more scenes where E.J. is ridiculously placed in Will's orbit. :redface:

I wondered if Kate might be the one to tell Jennifer about Chloe's past as a prostitute, but the thing that kept me from thinking that the storyline would actually play out that way was the fact that I couldn't think of a good reason for Kate to tell Jennifer instead of taking that information directly to Daniel (or just publicly broadcasting it)...and I still can't. :shrug:

I love that the spoilers keep trying to treat Hope's plan for Marlena to wear a wire as some radical, brilliant new idea, like it hasn't been a staple of storylines for decades. Truthfully, Marlena should have hidden a recorder in her purse the moment that Kristen returned to Salem, and she should have had it running twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, just in case. That would have been a radical, brilliant new idea.
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