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Jan 7 2013, 05:24 PM
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Jan 7 2013, 12:36 PM

Every board is different. They have a MM love fest over there at SOC and Soaps.com.

:blulaugh: You mean the SOC MODERATORS have a love fest for MM (and others)?

I couldn't count the number of times my post disappeared :poof: , no explanation given even if I ask. I think half the posts are deleted on that board and the viewers that do post self- censor knowing what opinions will and won't be allowed.

The board I'd like to read is one that has all the posts that have been deleted on SOC. :popcorn:
Exactly. You have no choice but to love MM at SOC or they either delete your post or ban you. They have to keep him happy. Personally that board has never been the same since he joined. I guess they are so honored that he posts there they let him dictate what everyone can post. That's why I barely go there anymore.
the moderators are so prejudice towards certain actors that you will be deleted if you say one thing they don't agree with. I left that board a long time ago just because of this. SC is a favorite and so is MM. Speak ill of either one of them you are deleted and get a infraction which will lead to a banning.

Soaps.com is the same way and just as prejudiced a board. I never last long on either of those boards so why try to post there if they are just going to delete your threads and ban you because of your opinion of a character they like?
I've been banned from a certain board that wasn't a fan of sharon.. I don't care what people think if I want to support sharon(case) and (newman) I will do that. Of course they will delete posts about MM because he posts there.
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