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Very good Brandi episode this past week. We're shown so much of the hillariously abrasive Brandi but we really got to see how vulnerable and beat up she's been these last few years. Her "I'm always fine" spoke volumes.

I'm seriously over Adrienne's fakeness. "My marriage is on the verge of total collapse but Paul and I are starting a skin care line :D :D Please give me all of your money" GMAFB woman.

And then there's Taylor. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. Does one typically allow a conversation with a lawyer about a multi-million dollar lawsuit from their abusive/loving suicidal/homicidal ex/not husband to be filmed without some idea of what is going to be discussed first? I would guess no. And we're going to settle this with a ring and couple of purses? PURSES?! Father is this bulls.. Yes!
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