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Will and Sonny try to work things out.

Nick seeks Rafe for support if things get ugly with Will.

Sami blasts Adrienne re: Will and Sonny.

Things heat up between EJ and Sami.

Chloe manipulates Daniel to get what she wants.

EJ encourages Chad to make amends for what he did

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Wednesday: Things become tense between Sami and Rafe.
Thursday: Chad confides in EJ about his troubles.

**UPDATED 1/12**

No Show

Tuesday ("Gabi's Confession")
Gabi makes an emotional confession to Nicole; Nick asks for custody advice from Justin; Chloe vows revenge against Daniel and Jennifer.

Wednesday ("Making Amends")
Nick pressures Will to give up all rights to his baby; Chad tries to make things right with Abigail and Cameron

Thursday ("Sami and EJ; Chad's Apology")
Will announces that he wants to be a part of his baby's life; Chad once more apologizes to Cameron.

Friday ("John Leaves Salem")
John and Marlena share an emotional goodbye; Chloe makes an interesting suggestion to Daniel about their living arrangements.

Source Look Ahead: Week of January 21, 2012

EJ offers to help Will fight for custody of his child. Abigail and Cameron grow closer. Will EJ and Sami hit the sheets? Rafe and Sami have another heated confrontation. Nick seeks Rafe's support in case things get ugly with Will. The battle lines are forming in Salem…


**UPDATED 1/14**

Sneak Peeks: Week of January 21

Things between Rafe and Sami are going to get U-G-L-Y! Rafe loses his temper when Sami expresses her belief that Gabi is unfit to be a mother. This leads to an even bigger confrontation when EJ arrives and big accusations are made. Rafe tells Nicole he's finally seen Sami's "true colors".

Will and Sonny try to work things out, but Sonny isn't ready to forgive him for his lies. Later, Will makes an important declaration.

Nick seeks Rafe for support if things get ugly with Will.

Sami blasts Adrienne regarding Will and Sonny. Lucas and Sami argue over her life choices, but ultimately agree they need to show a united front for Will.

Things heat up between EJ and Sami. The couple nears making love, but something happens that leads to a rather important moment of honesty from EJ.

Chloe manipulates Daniel to get what she wants.

EJ encourages Chad to make amends for what he did. Unfortunately for Chad, it looks like he may have blown his second chance with Abby. Enter Cameron...

Abigail continues to confide in Gabi, unaware of the ugly secret her friends harbor about Gabi's actions over the summer.

DVR Alerts

Monday: Days of our Lives will be pre-empted.

Wednesday: Things become tense between Sami and Rafe

Thursday: Chad confides in EJ about his troubles.

Source Look Ahead: Week of January 28, 2013

Kristen's feelings for Brady may be turning genuine. Rafe feels nothing when he sees EJ and Sami together.


**UPDATED 1/15**

Sami raises Rafe’s ire as she continues to fume about Gabi and Nick. She even suggests that they may not be fit parents. Meanwhile, Elvis manages to get Will to open up about the baby situation. Will admits that he was torn up about giving the child up so EJ offers to help him get custody. EJ heads over to see Sami. He walks in as she is in another nasty argument with Rafe. The cop accuses them both of manipulating Will and his sister. Adrienne also rears her head to chime in about Sami and her family. While Rafe turns to Nicole to vent about what Sami is like, Sami turns to EJ and opens her legs. He leaps away at the last moment, but Lucas walks in just in time to see more than he wants to. He’s disgusted by her. However, the exes do agree to work together to give Will whatever support he needs.

Nick turns to Justin to get some advice about how to retain custody. They wonder if Will could be declared an unfit parent. Nick calls Gabi, insisting that they need to be officially married immediately. Then he confronts Will and attempts to push him into dropping all legal claims over the child. Will isn’t backing down. Sonny isn’t forgiving him so he doesn’t have much else. Will even tracks the couple to the hospital when Gabi goes in for her sonogram. Will tells them that he wants to be part of the baby’s life. Gabi is willing to go along with that. Nick has other plans. Will rushes off to tell Sonny about his baby and they wind up kissing. Meanwhile, Sonny’s parents discuss his ongoing involvement with the Horton. That leads to some arguments followed by the traditional Salem post-argument snuggling.

Chloe and Anne are feeling pretty good about their plans to doom Daniel and Jennifer’s romance. However, those smiles soon turn to sneers when they discover that the doctor is even more smitten with Her Royal Hortoness than they’d thought. After Chloe pays Jenn a visit, the Horton worries to Maggie that the diva is playing some kind of wacky game with her. The diva gets busy attempting to convince the doctor to let her and Parker move in with him.

Chad continues trying to prove to Abby that he’s sorry for acting like a wanker. She can’t forgive him and turns to Cameron for comfort. Abby confides to Gabi that she and Cameron are getting close again. However, she still feels uncomfortable around him because she’s a virgin.
Eric kicks Brady and Kristen off of the church board. The siblings have a bitter argument. Nicole decides to get involved in this mess by trying to keep Kristen away from Brady. She heads straight for the DiMera’s door to confront her. Meanwhile, John informs Marlena that he is leaving town. He needs to go somewhere else so his brain can fully function. Kristen manages to see all of this and gossips with her father. He thinks she can drop Brady now, but she still has other plans for him.


Tuesday January 22:
EJ offers to help Will fight for custody of his child.
Gabi makes a confession to Nicole.
Nick seeks custody advice from Justin. He wants to declare Will an unfit father.
Chloe and Anne are thrilled when they think they've driven a wedge between Daniel and Jenn but their celebration is short-lived.
Nick wants to marry Gabi in the courthouse ASAP.

Wednesday January 23:
Nick pressures Will to give up parental rights.
Everyone learns the sex of the baby.
Sonny can't get over Will's deception.
Sami and Adrienne clash.
Rafe accuses Sami of manipulation.
Sami and EJ make out and almost have sex.
Chad loses his chance with Abby.

Thursday January 24:
EJ pulls away from making love to Sami.
Lucas is disgusted with Sami.
Abby confides that she and Cam are getting closer but she's insecure about her secret.
Adrienne and Justin make some heat of their own.

Friday January 25:
Eric forces Brady and Kristen to resign from the church board.
Nicole shows up on Kristen's doorstep ready to help Brady.
John leaves Salem to think. Kristen rejoices while Marlena cries.
Stefano thinks Kristen can call off her affair with Brady.
Chloe visits Jenn.
Jenn thinks Chloe's playing games.
Chloe suggests to Daniel that she and Parker move in...

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