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Jan 8 2013, 08:44 PM
Maggie/Victor - I found these scenes nice. I liked how Suzanne played it. She looked good today, too. I much prefer her with straightened hair. She looks great with it. Poor Victor though. I love the kid who plays Parker. I remember him on Dexter and Last Man Standing.

Jennifer/Lucas/Billie - Poor Bryan Dattilo and Lisa Rinna. Glorified extras. Jennifer was so annoying. I wish one of them would have told her to shut up about Daniel. Every other word out of her mouth is his name. Damn woman. Obsessive much? I wish they'd actually explore this obsession Jennifer has with this man. Lucas was great as always. I LOVED Jenn falling over that box. LMAO.

Daniel/Chloe/Kayla - Shawn Christian cannot act. Seriously. He was terrible as always. The whispering, the heavy breathing, the sighing ... oh my God. Nadia looked bored out of her mind already. At least Mary Beth Evans acted with what little she had. I saw more emotion out of her than either Nadia or Shawn. I liked the flashbacks of Stephanie and Ian. I miss Shelley and Stephanie, actually.

Will/Sonny - I liked the bowtie scene. I just wish they had a better storyline. It is nice to see Sonny have a little bit more personality (the hate for Gabi). I want more though.

Nick/Gabi - I wish I could care about Gabi. I should have actually given a damn with her worrying about her mother and I just didn't. I'm still not sure about Nick. The writing is so on-again, off-again, with him, depending on who he is with. I liked him with Maggie and I actually think I like him with Gabi (yeah, I know ...) but the writing isn't there for him.

Chad/Cameron - Blah. New Cameron is so boring. I hope we see more of him. I want to say he COULD have potential. It's too bad Chad and Cameron are only sharing scenes because of the insta-triangle between Chad/Cameron/Abby. Everything is just so slapped together for the sake of the "stakes being raised" for this wedding reveal. Hard to invest in that.

The potential is so here. Sigh.
lol Nadia and Shawn could be replaced by sock puppets.

I like nuCameron miles better than Frankenleno already. He's prettier and he delivered his lines with SOME personality.
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