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It was right after she told him she had been told not to have sex any more due to the high risk nature of the pregnancy.
It was also after he talked things out with Maggie and decided the thing with Nicole needed to end. His timing was bad, but we knew he was planning to break things off before Nicole dropped the bomb about the sex.
No matter how the writers intended it, the way the chips fell made Daniel look like a sleaze bag and that he dropped Nicole for Jennifer after playing the jealous man about Rafe. Whether the writers wish to accept it Daniel by ALL his actions since he came to Day's has been one bad play after another. And talking it out with Maggie is like talking it out with Victor no love loss over Nicole he should have went to Sami or EJ and asked them what they thought. It was all about Dannifer and dropping the ball of Nicole/Daniel by trashing Nicole in favor of Saint Jenn.
even though all this Chloe returning stuff is completely shitastic, I wish instead of keeping Maggie as the perpetual Tan cheerleader, they would acknowledge through Maggie who took Chloe in, how completely HORRIBLE Taniel was to her when she was suffering PPD. And like most everyone else here, I agree that he is a total sleaze and this should be touched upon by someone besides Lucas. Hell, make a s/l out of it. If they insist on Tannifer for now then yeah..keep showcasing what a moron Jennifer is. Let her be in total denial about what a piece of shit this guy really is...but make that part of a STORY and have Tan's grossness eventually come out (there are plenty who should have some first-hand knowledge of it...Kate, Nicole who I would love to see work together on something devious, make him work through it (maybe with Marlena who is a shrink and Tan is one of the few ppl in town she is NOT related to) I mean, if you insist on "redeeming" him then make his issues KNOWN and then you can make him into the sainted hero of all heros if you must. Even though personally I don't think it woudl ever work lol
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