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Jan 9 2013, 09:03 AM
This all is so stupid. Now that the truth is out, Will will just step up and be a father to his child, like he seems to want to, Nick and Gabi will go ahead and get married, and Nick will now take on the role of stepfather. There's no reason to try to push WIll out of his child's life and I can't believe Gabi would go along with Nick if that's what he wants to do.
I agree that logically this is what should happen. But the writers have been taking the time to set up showing us that Nick can be manipulative and controlling - and we already know he's going to overhear Will and Lucas's conversation and think it will give him leverage.

I'm guessing Gabi's going to be hurt/pissed in the aftermath of all of this - particularly after Sami goes after her. I can see her allowing Nick to talk her into fighting to keep the baby away from Will - especially if they think Will is planning to fight for sole custody.

With all of the bad blood/anger/lies brewing amongst everyone - and with the potential for more lies/secrets to be exposed - it actually sets up a pretty compelling story, if they choose to play all those beats.
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