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Mrs. H and Mr. B

Let me get this straigtht. Chloe and Chad are now the big bad villains of the show. EJ is now sending Chad on his own apology tour. Sami last week was going to sleep with Rafe and since he didn't behave like a good boy, she takes ol' reliable-standing-in-the-wings-waiting-like-a-pathetic-bitch EJ and let's him have a whirl at her grand canyon as well. OMG, and Sami having anything to say to Adrienne, a wonderful mother who loves and accepts her child, has me fuming. Please, Adrienne, I beg you, knock the shit out of Sami, and do it again while you're at it.

Sami telling Brady first about how could he be with Kristen after what she did to her family?? Bitch, please. What the hell do you think EJ did to your family? I mean, he almost murdered Lucas and then kept your current husband hostage and put a replacement in your bed and I won't even get into what he's done to you. Oh, but that doesn't count because he's been neutered and now he's giving advice and is a changed man. Maybe he should join the priesthood with Eric. What the hell is wrong with this Sami bitch? Does she not see how idotic and slutty and hypocritcal she is? Okay, I got to go now. Thinking of Sami and how she has taken over the show is enough to make me vomit.
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