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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Just a couple of observations about yesterday's show...

nu-Cameron does seem to be an improvement over old Cameron. At least so far. His chin isn't nearly as distracting.

I don't understand why they didn't kill off Mama Hernandez ages ago. And if they don't plan to kill her off, they need to bring her on to the canvas. It's just stupid that we get constant references to this woman and have never seen her. Did Sami ever meet her in all the time she and Rafe have known one another? Did Brady while he was dating and about to marry Arianna? Given that she allowed her high school student daughter to leave home and go live by herself in a room over a pub I'd say it's a little hard to feel any sympathy for this woman if she's going to be shocked at Gabi's plans at the moment.

I don't hate Jennifer...and I don't despise Dannifer (although I like them less and less as the story clomps along)...but I have a hard time looking at Chloe, then looking at Jennifer, and thinking Daniel is going to be the least bit torn in this triangle. I mean...really??? Even if Jennifer finally finds a miracle salon that can actually do something with the greyed out straw on her head it can't possibly be enough. Daniel is just not that good of a guy. Few are.

The bachelor party was awkward. And I know it was supposed to be. But I feel like it was awkward for reasons that weren't really intended.

Parker is one super tall just turned 2 year old. Either that or my grandson is a Hobbit. At least he's adorable, though. (that applies to both Parker and my grandson)

Referencing Philip being there and not showing him on screen was just stupid. And then having Daniel go marching in to lay claim to Parker without clarifying that everyone knew Philip had already left was stupider. And Maggie not figuring out that she was Parker's grandmother? Give me a break.
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