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Jan 9 2013, 03:33 PM
Jan 9 2013, 03:24 PM
Jan 9 2013, 03:15 PM
WOW - EJ is now the new Austin just stupider because at least Carrie (now Sami) actually wanted Austin not Lucas, What happened to EJ DiMera???? It's a shame that role now seems to be Chad :'(

Chad needs to tell EJ to shove it up his bitches ass, he's not apologizing to anyone. Hello EJ didn't you yourself use information about Gabi against Rafe???? :blink:

Not sure whose worse the characters or the assholes writing this crap.

Oh and for the person asking about Ericole, that's storyline has been stalled because Sami's too busy with the wedding, EJ/Rafe, now Arienne, the baby, Jarlena they need to give her time to stick her nose into ERicole before they can officially take off into any direction.
honestly sami in every single story but dannifer its ridclous
Oh give her time, Chloe is Lucas's ex and Jennifer kinda like family to her so I'm sure she'll feel the need to tell Daniel or whomever that Chloe should not be allowed to keep the baby. Hell she may even help Kate, they'll find a way to insert her somehow, remember when Nicole lost the baby and went to Sami for help with EJ (for whatever reason) and then Sami went directly to Jennifer. It was only for one eppisode BUT we know Sami will somehow have an opinion.
True. Not to mention, Sami has hated Chloe ever since she got involved with Lucas.
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