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Jan 9 2013, 03:19 PM
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Jan 9 2013, 02:44 PM

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No Chloe will be leaving Parker to be raised by the Saints of Salem - The Great Dr. Douche and Perfect Jennifer Horton, seems that Tomlin and Company make sure everyone in Salem gets a kid except Nicole who is allowed to carry a child full term and then lose him for Dannifer angst. Even Gabi gets a baby so The Sami Show can continue because we all know that baby will be more about Ejami versus Safe than Nabi/Wilson. And of course Sami has her brood from all her sperm donors. :drunk:
While that's definitely the worst case scenario, I can't see any mother tamely accepting the loss of her child like that. Why wouldn't she fight back or appeal the court's decision? Or at least stay in town so she could see her son every day? I'm not convinced Chloe will be killed off--I think TPTB will want the door kept open for NB--so that leaves her exiting with rather than without Parker.
Call me pesimistic but with all this Parker stuff - Dannifer will be getting him for sure. And since we know NB is only short term, she'll either lose custody of him, get killed, or maybe fake her death so her son can be raised by the annointed ones. Nicole had to step aside for Saint Jen I'm sure Chloe will do the same. :x
If dannifer get parker :puke: the writers have to kill chloe off because no way would she walk away from her son.

I hAte daniel. I hate jennifer. these 2 characters make me sick to my stomach.
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