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NE Spoilers wk January 21st

Bill realizes that his drinking has become a serious problem

Dayzee is confronted by a mysterious woman from her past

Brooke learns why Taylor has long resented the Logan family

Pam and Donna find something new to compete over outside of work

Eric finds comfort from the most unexpected source

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Steffy reconsiders telling Liam about her condition to win his affection.

Hope and Liam's private evening comes to an abrupt end when Taylor walks in.

Taylor warns Brooke that she won't allow Steffy to be bullied by Hope the way Brooke dominated her.

Liam agonizes over which woman he wants a future with.

Maya, a woman from Dayzee's past, confronts her about what she left behind.

Dayzee tries to hide her worries from Marcus.

Katie tells Bill she's concerned about the distance between them.

Brooke warns Bill that his marriage is in jeopardy.

Caroline is drawn by Forrester Creations new president.

Donna and Pam vie for Eric's attention.

Eric finds comfort from a most unexpected source.

COMING: Taylor stands by her newly assertive attitude.

Episode Titles and Previews

1/21, Preemption Inauguration

(No More Promises)
1/22, Katie realizes that Bill isn't keeping true to his word; Dayzee gets a visitor from her past.

(Visit From Skid Row)
1/23, Maya looks to Dayzee for answers; Brooke warns Bill that his marriage is in jeopardy.

1/24, Taylor discloses to Brooke about the real reason why she resents her and her family; Dayzee opens up to Hope about her past with Maya.

1/25, Taylor questions Eric about his decision regarding Thomas; Dayzee worries that her past may cause trouble for her future.

Additional teasers wk 1/21

January 23rd, Brooke lets her feelings be known.
January 24th, Dayzee and Hope share a close moment
January 25th, Taylor makes a bold move on Thomasís behalf

TV Guide Previews

1/22, Bill and Katie spend an evening alone in Brooke's cabin; Taylor criticizes Brooke for getting involved with her brother-in-law; Katie finds out that Bill has been sneaking alcohol behind her back; Dayzee is confronted by a mysterious woman from her past.

1/23, Maya tells Dayzee that she wants her to give back what she left behind; Brooke gets angry with Bill after the most recent incident with Katie; Taylor walks in on Hope and Liam; Taylor tells Brooke that she will not allow Steffy to be bullied by Hope.

1/24, Katie apologizes to Bill and tells him she's worried about the rift developing between them; Dayzee tells Hope about the complicated history between her and Maya; Taylor wonders why Stephanie wanted Brooke by her side at the time of her death.

1/25, Dayzee, worried that her past is coming back to haunt her, tries to hide her secret from Marcus; Thomas tells Taylor he's ready to start over; Donna and Pam fight for Eric's attention; Taylor confronts Eric about his recent choices.

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