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NE Spoilers week of January 21st

Maxie receives shocking news that gives her hope for the future

Luke is face to face with someone he thought was gone

Spinelli has a lot of explaining to do

Emma tells Patrick that she doesn't like Britt

Michael and AJ stick it to Tracy

Ned warns Tracy of impending trouble, but is he too late?

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Episode Titles and Previews

1/21, N/A

(Maxie's Plan)
1/22, Maxie tries to use her pregnancy to win Spinelli back; Anna and Sonny talk about their romantic lives.

(Duke's Rival)
1/23, Luke discovers the real Duke has returned and claims to be Duke's rival for Anna's affections; Connie thanks Sonny

(Britt's Plot)
1/24, Britt vows to get Emma to like her; Epiphany holds a grudge against Felix; Patrick asks Elizabeth about why Sabrina is keeping her distance.

(Starr and Kristina)
1/25, Starr offers Kristina comfort, but is pushed aside; Sonny aids Tracy's fight against AJ; Patrick and Britt treat Emma to lunch.

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