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camera shy

Jan 9 2013, 05:19 PM
What I need to happen to get me through this triangle is
When Sami stomps round to EJ's apartment after Rafe refuses to bow down and worship at her altar EJ answers the door semi nekkid tousled hair and sexy as hell (sort of a loving tribute to their first meeting). Sami starts rambling at him before it becomes obvious someone else is there as well, stunningly beautiful semi clad woman comes out, " who the hell is this?" " Samanther you know who this is, It's Emma from product development, she's been doing that fabulous job with our new eye liner range". More ranting from Sami followed by a " Sorry I hadn't realised we were an exclusive thing".
It might be just enough of a fun jolt of life to wake me up then they can go back to serial ping pong AKA epic love triangle.
Sunce AS has projects outside of Days, tptb believe the show now revolves around her and they won't let Sami have any competition. Rafe and EJ can't even look at another woman. But if your scenario was allowed to play out I like to see that Miss Alabama beauty who has that football player boyfriend and who was caught on camera at one of his games and praised for her beauty be Emma. Now that's the type of woman EJ ought to be dating.
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