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Jan 9 2013, 04:50 PM
meh, I kinda wish days would just get axed. It's too horrible and these writers just keep pushing crap that's boring. (i.e Dannifer and ej/sami/rafe triangle.

Still better than Another World's last year, when they tried to shoehorned a 'supernatural' storyline into the show.

Does anyone remember that? It was an ailen Illuminati thing, I think.... And finale was a wedding with a gorilla.

I only watched AsThe World Turns just for the last year and really enjoyed it. I thought the last episode was excellent.

I think the difference was ATWT had a year warning and started to wrap things up sooner. Hopefully when other soaps get the axe (and it's coming) they will have one or two year notice to end storylines and make most of the characters and viewers happy.
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