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That would really strange if ABC was indeed trying to revive Port Charles somehow in GH I think they should leave GH as is and not revive Port Charles and if they are trying to revive Port Charles which I think they shouldn't do in GH and think they should leave things be and not do it in GH they should just bring the soap back in a seperate show and not incoporate it into GH.

I see John thinking hes Caleb Morley again and Sam thinking shes Livvie Locke once more for its strange as if they trying to put a cross over spin of Port Charles in GH this time once more and if so does that mean that Duke will think hes Joshua once more and Caleb and Joshua are together again and Livvie is with Caleb and Lucy calls on her cousin Rafe Kovich to help her once more where Brian Gaskill is coming to Port Charles and GH too to protray Rafe Kovich once more and Erin Hershey Presley is coming too as Alison Barrington anyway and how many others will come to GH from Port Charles that will be interesting in itself to know if this truly is turning into a OLTL/PC/GH cross over after all even though I think GH should still stay as is and not be a cross over at all where these other shows have their own seperate spin off seperate from GH.

I liked Rali for they were my favorite couple on Port Charles but I don't think I'm going to like this change of having vampires incorporated into the mix on GH where Lucy Coe is back to being a Vampire slayer once more but Lucy would be able to sense when Vampires were near also and Lucy is back to saving the world and Port Charles from Vampires and may call on Rafe for some help in defeating the Vampires since Rafe and Lucy were both Vampire slayers.

If ABC wanted to revive Port Charles they should have done it too seperately away from GH and have the Vampires and super natrual stay on a seperate plain on a different show by reviving Port Charles too and talking Prospect Park into having it be a seperate show too altogether away from GH altogether and keep GH as is.

It looks like the actress that plays Lucy would like to see Lucy Coe return to being a Vampire slayer where she winds up saving the people of Port Charles once more from the Vampires. I like Lucy as a nurse for GH and I like Lucy the Vampire Slayer too so I like Lucy no matter what and like Lucy no matter what shes doing on GH.

Like you said it could be Lucy's dream too that Port Charles is being invaded by Vampires again and the ones I mentioned above would be the ones Lucy winds up dreaming about as Vampires where shes the Vampire slayer once more trying to save Port Charles from the Vampires and I wonder how far Lucy's dream will advance and how many PC characters will show up in her dream and come help her fight against the Vampires and it wouldn't surprise me if Rafe Kovich and Bryan Gaskill was one of those people playing Rafe Kovich once more.
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