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Jan 9 2013, 06:43 PM
I'm never bothered by the Cassie mentions. She was such an important part of the show, even as a little girl. Her no longer being in Genoa City has definitely left a void in town, especially in the Newman family.

Lauren and Carmine intrigue me. If Michael can't appreciate the hot wife he has, I'm glad it seems Carmine can.
Cassie was a important part of the show when she first came on the show. After that she was just Nick and Sharon's daughter. I am sick of the memorial every damn year. They give no memorial to John Abbott who was a important part of the show for many many years. I don't want to see him anymore then we see him but damn he was a much more appreciated and beloved member of the cast then Cassie ever thought about being > To bake her favorite cookie on her birthday was a joke. I myself wish they would just drop the Cassie memorial shit and get on with life like I did when I lost my son 25 years ago. You cannot dwell on a persons death over and over. Sure you mourn them forever but you don't do the crap that Sharon and Nick do to honor them. cassie telling NIck he would have another daughter is another joke of a s/l. I am sure she meant for her dad to go knock up her unmarried mother and have the Miracle baby Faith. THey are making a mockery of Cassie's death and that is all it comes down to. A lot of people on the other boards are saying they are as sick of the Cassie crap as I am and some said they weren't even going to bother watching todays show because they were sick of Cassie crap year after year after year.
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