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Jan 9 2013, 02:32 PM
Jan 9 2013, 01:26 PM
Now that Days is hanging around for another year, can we get some real talent in to write the stories? Days needs someone who's willing to write some action/adventure/mystery/blackmail juiciness, not just teen baby drama & scratch the surface of what could be amazing & then take it in the direction no one wants it to go.
Will getting new writers really make a difference? It seems like no matter who writes this show, it's always a disappointing mess. Gary Tomlin, for all his faults, at least knew how to deliver compelling drama on other shows. He knew how to create over-the-top soapy moments. It's what he was known for. Sunset Beach, OLTL and Passions are all proof of that. Now he's on Days and his work is abysmal. The show is practically unwatchable. Just as it was unwatchable under M&D and Higley. There's something about Days that seems to make otherwise decent writers really shitty. It's a pattern I've noticed and it doesn't just apply to writers. The actors are phoning it in as well and have been for years. (Not counting ED and a few others.)

Changing writers never seems to make a difference in the quality of the show. It's almost like there's some sort of mandate to make the show as boring as humanly possible. Every single story that has the potential to be good always plays out in the most boring of ways. The more interesting path is never taken. The more exciting path is never taken. The drama has completely been sucked out of the show. It's as vanilla as it's ever been and I honestly don't see that changing, even with a new writer. I think there's a larger problem in that Ken Corday has forgotten what a soap opera is supposed to be and until someone wakes him up to the fact that safe and snoozy isn't going to cut it, nothing is going to change.
A show that doesn't fear it's own end will never try to improve itself. They had it easy this go around.

Days needs more than a reboot and new writers, it needs a complete gutting to drag it from 1993-on-repeat into 2013. Characters who are played out (including old ones, no matter how it may seem like it will hurt), writers, directors, producers, set designers, composers, editors ... everything. It all needs a shake up, from how the show looks and how the show is paced. And Ken Corday needs to go off to a beach somewhere and just collect paycheques.
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