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Viewing Single Post From: John Walks Out on Marlena

I have watched DOOL for years and am familiar with John and Marlena's history (actually, started around the Maison Blanche storyline onwards, read about the the stuff before that)... and this storyline of John leaving Marlena is plain, simple rubbish for me. I just don't understand how the writers just gave complete and utter disregard for this couple's history, what they have gone through to be together. Contrived conflict, much? Let me ask the writers: Do you really think viewers find it believable that John would actually leave and divorce (God forbid!) Marlena over this Brady-Kristen affair when we have actually watched through (sometimes painfully, in fact) them survive the following ordeals:

- Maison Blanche
- Demonic Possession
- Aremid brouhaha
- Paris guillotine shit
- Kristen's pillow baby
- Secret room
- Sick Faux Roman coming back to break their 1997 wedding
- Jungle bungle to get Roman's cure
- Princess Gina and Father John crap
- Punk Brady days
- Salem's Serial Killer
- Melaswen garbage
- Marlena being pregnant with Faux Roman after the Melaswen
- Marlena's amnesia and Alex brouhaha
- Robo John
- John being in jail for fraud
- For everything else, STEFANO.

.... seriously, writers...any of those above are actually more believable than what you are currently writing now. Geez. This storyline has had promise and potential, but was completely bungled up by the dear writers.
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