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Jan 9 2013, 11:41 PM
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I can imagine lucas' smirk and snarky sarcastic remarks..he can start with super cop from heaven and go on from there... What a waste that those two wont work together while Tomlin is there
I don't even understand that either the lucas i remeber would want to know everything about his kids stepfather remeber how he acted over franco and brandon lol
Lucas and Rafe will never have scenes as long as Sami is the woman either or both are drooling over, lol.
Why not? Lucas and EJ have had plenty of scenes together (most of them highly entertaining) , and EJ and Rafe have had way too many scenes together (most of them not highly entertaining). (IMO)

I don't think drooling over Sami precludes characters having scenes together.

What's precluding them having scenes together is that Lucas's role in Sami's life has basically been usurped by Rafe. He tells her what she's doing wrong in life but stands by her side regardless.
They would have to tease out more of the nuances if it was Lucas vs Rafe it wouldn't be an easy Black vs White situation.

There would definitely be a role for more Lucas - Rafe scenes in the future and it wouldn't have to centre on Sami. It could centre more on the Gabi - Will situation.

If they can get Daniel to quicken up his speaking and stop staring ponderously into space there's probably even enought time to insert the scenes without any need to reduce anyone elses storyline time.

In Gary Tomlin's world, Lucas has no place in Sami's life. Therefore no need for Lucas/Rafe scenes. In reality, Lucas doesn't have to stand by Sami's side to have scenes with Rafe. Why would he when she basially threw him away? The fact that Lucas doesn't stand by Sami's side regardless shows that he has self respect unlike the other two. Of course the downside to that is that he has no airtime because he ceases to exist outside of Sami. Normally being the other father of Sami's children and specifically Will's dad would make scenes with Rafe or EJ inevitable. However, not in Tomlin's version of DOOL. In Tomlin's version, it's Rafe vs. EJ till eternity. And like it or not, Rafe/Lucas scenes about Gabi or Will are never going to happen. Sami is still the central figure in both EJ and Rafe's lives, therefore Lucas cannot be in the picture. The same goes for Lucas/EJ scenes which have also become nonexistent since Tomlin took over again. If it's about Sami which 9 times out of 10 it is, Lucas is not allowed to be involved.
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