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Jan 9 2013, 11:50 AM
Jan 9 2013, 11:47 AM
Jan 9 2013, 08:27 AM
TFP the video clips. Can anyone tell if the writers were there? If not, does anyone know whether that's unusual? I would think the writing team would be a part of that kind of milestone celebration.

I'm trying to think of the last time we actually heard anything from Tomlin. Did he ever give an interview? I know we were waiting for months after he started, but I can't recall if he's ever been on record as saying anything this time around.

I think it depends on the writer. For example I don't think any (or hardly any) of the actors ever met JER.
JER was profiled in Entertainment Weekly, and he said he never went to the set, rarely met the actors. He didn't want people sucking up to him or asking questions. I also remember he didn't want to know if the actor playing the sweet ingenue was a bitch in real life.
Yes, I recall that about JER. Of course, he was based far from LA (Chicago? Connecticut?) so that was part of it. And I don't expect that every writer will spend time on set like MarDar. Many writers these days write from afar and email in their scripts. But regardless of their appearance on set/in the studio, they at least give interviews -- in print, audio, or video format.

So for example, even if Tomlin couldn't be at the event, he could have issued a statement or a quote about the 12,000th, congratulating the cast and crew, etc.

I was actually also referring to the larger issue that I can't recall Tomlin saying much of anything in public since taking over as Co-HW. He used to give interviews as EP, but not now. It's interesting.

Funny, it occurred to me to wonder if, in a twist on the 9 to 5 movie/musical storyline, Higley has Tomlin and Whitesell chained up in her basement as she goes back to her era and churns out stuff in their names while everyone heaps scorn on their heads for the awful writing. Now that would be a revenge story! Lol.

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