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Jan 9 2013, 10:01 PM
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Chloe is freaking gorgeous. There's no way Daniel could NOT be attracted to her.

Parker is adorable.

right?? The woman is drop dead gorgeous. I think NB is the prettiest on days.

And I know some will say this shouldn;t be about looks but let's get real. Who on earth would choose jennifer over chloe?
Chloe is more interesting in personality too. Jennifer is boring.
Daniel looks like a blind idiot.
Sorry, but I think Jennifer is the blind idiot for not seeing the undeniable sleaze factor that is Daniel. Actually, all of Salem are blind idiots when it comes to Daniel, thanks to Tomlin & Co.

i wasn't talking about Jennifer, I was talking about daniel. but yeah she's an idiot too.
Actually, I knew you were talking about Daniel. I just don't think it comes down to looks or that Daniel should be in a position to choose one way or the other.

Imo, Jennifer is blind precisely because she only sees and wants Daniel based on superficial things like looks, status, and job title. She is blind to his deeper faults.

Meanwhile, Daniel is more about protecting his own ego than anything. Chloe affronted his ego when she cheated on him, so he dumped her summarily. It's not about how the woman looks or about who she is as a person -- it's how well she props up his ego. His patients fawn over him and are awash in gratitude and admiration because he's their doctor. This feeds his ego. That's what he's looking for. And that's why if the woman makes one misstep, she's gone from his life. He moves on and doesn't look back.

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