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Jan 9 2013, 04:30 PM
Jan 9 2013, 03:49 PM
I remember seeing a lot of people confused when Charmed Again aired, they thought they missed an episode between AHBL and CA because of how Shannen's departure was handled, which I say Poorly.
Exactly! As I mentioned above, I believe it's one of the series biggest flaws. Shannen should have either pre-filmed a death scene in anticipation for not returning or the producers should have gotten her back to film one before the production of season four - even if there was bad blood. Alyssa Milano wouldn't have even been needed as Phoebe was "trapped in the underworld" after the Source reversed time (another plot that made NO sense given that she was there in the first episode of the next season. How did she get back?) It was completely ridiculous to kill off one of the three main stars via conversation. We should have seen Piper's reaction, etc.

With that being said, season four actually ended up being my favorite season. Lol.
i think every thing about prue was handle her death and everything else
i find it every annoying in last episode we did not just saw the regulars we saw white and chris as adults and babies and the their dead mother and grandma proving they no problem bring dead people and yet no prue
and i agree with everyone the first seasons was the best

btw from what i heard Shannen did not came back to last episode not because people on show had problem with but tori had problem with it and vetoit
anyone know if that was true

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