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Jan 9 2013, 03:49 PM
How could I have possibly missed this thread??? Charmed is the ONLY TV show that I watched from the first episode until the final without missing any episodes (during the original run). I have all DVDs on disk including the VHS for the Unaired Pilot as well as the TV Guide covers celebrating the 100th episode.

I watch the Charmed reruns but I tend to skip over Season 7 and 8. Phoebe was ridiculous during these 2 seasons with her constant finding love saga (Yawn). Prue was my favorite until Season 4 then it became Piper, HMC was fantastic.

I remember seeing a lot of people confused when Charmed Again aired, they thought they missed an episode between AHBL and CA because of how Shannen's departure was handled, which I say Poorly.
you right she had jason dean and Leslie St. Claire and there was Drake dè Mon and than there was Dex Lawson only in end they brought cupid because Phoebe need to believe love againit became funny because it was so ridiculous
i thought Phoebe will end up with cole because he was the most constant guy she had unlike paige that did not have one
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