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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepWho on earth would choose jennifer over chloe?
not really, same shit different pile. You don't think it's hypocritical of him?

it is simple. Chloe>Jennifer
No, it's not the same. Daniel didn't cheat. He had no obligation to Lucas, Chloe did. He may have encouraged her, but she was still the one who cheated, not Daniel. Now, he may be a fool for believing that a woman who cheates WITH him wouldn't cheat ON him, but that's a whole other thing. He's not a hypocrite for being angry that Chloe cheated because he, himself, has not cheated.
Probably late to the party on this one but -

Daniel was bedding Kate when he tried to bed granddaughter Chelsea
had his eye on Chloe while still bedding Kate, broke it off with her days before going after her son's fiance mainly because he had his eye on said fiance, dropped "cough" love of his life" in a nano second to play footsy with Jennifer. Went after Jennifer before she was divorced from Jack, went after a high rick pregnancy woman to bed and thus led on Nicole until Jennifer became available thanks to Jack's untimely death, so he may not have cheated on anyone BUT he's been the Salem Predator since he came to town.
Well, that's your perception of him, but it doesn't change the fact that he hasn't cheated on anyone. Thus, it's not hypocritical of him to be upset that Chloe cheated on him. Stupid maybe, but not hypocritical.
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