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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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Jan 9 2013, 11:27 PM
Jan 9 2013, 10:34 PM
What was with the pinata? That came off really weird. And Sami coming into the pub asking everyone why they weren't eating was odd too. Shouldn't she have said something more along the line of 'lets get the food and this party started we have a rehearsal to attend.' Strange dialogue today.

I did think Sami reading the prayer in Spanish a touching gesture and sweet she wanted Gabi to not feel wanting since her mother couldn't be a part of her daughter's wedding. I do like seeing moments of maturity from Sami even if we know it's all going to hell the next day.

I just can't get into Daniel having a toddler son all of a sudden when I watched Nicole so ecstatic over her miracle baby lose him at the end of her pregnancy. I could care less about Daddy Daniel and Chloe's return to catch him.

I actually liked Safe's wedding so the flashback was a nice moment of reflection I enjoyed.

Nick was so obnoxious. I really wanted Will to take a swing at him.

I loved seeing Nicole and Chloe together again as friends! I hope they don't let Dr. Sleaze ruin this relationship.

Eric has yet to make an impression on me. :sleep:

I had the same thought as you the comment at the pub was really weird.

Why would you go to the trouble of putting favours out for each person and then expect them to start eating before everyone got there.

Plus, it was only the five of them, so why bother with favors?

So, let me get this straight. It is apparently New Year's Day. The wedding is tomorrow. Last night, EJ asked Gabi when her wedding was and she said soon and looked to Sami for agreement. So the wedding was in two days, but Gabi didn't know that?

This morning, Sami was nuzzling and flirting with EJ, then she hears about the fight, runs to the hospital, argues with everybody, including EJ, but somehow manages to have him taking care of the kids even though they're fighting. Then she made out with Rafe at HTS, but when he shows up at her apartment, she wants to know why he hasn't called her since their NYE kiss. And Rafe tells her he was giving her time to tell EJ. Huh? It's only been a minute since he kissed her and told her to think about how she would tell EJ.
THANK YOU! The continuity in the show was driving me nuts. And honestly - it's a simple enough fix.

Have the characters CHANGE THEIR CLOTHES!

And avoid things like somehow squeezing in an extra evening for Nick's bachelor party the night before the rehearsal dinner - which Sami showed up to wearing the same outfit she was wearing the day of the bachelor party. Nicole was also wearing the same clothing she was wearing during her morning after chat with Rafe when she saw Eric just before the rehearsal.

How hard is it to assign someone to oversee things like that?
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