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I just find it hard to fathom that they actually believe they're doing well creatively. That they really and truly think the show is the best it's ever been, and that it's full of romance and people falling in love and that they're giving the viewers exactly what they want.

Putting aside my own favorites, I see a show full of people who couldn't commit to a dinner reservation, let alone another person. There's no romance. People jump into bed and change the loves of their lives every other week. Characters and their motivations are changed on a daily basis. Heroes aren't especially heroic and villains aren't especially villainous or menacing. History is totally disregarded. There are no rootable characters or couples, because they're all so fickle and selfish and egotistical and vain. Production values are awful. Continuity is practically nonexistent. The pacing is horrendous - they either tell a story too quickly, missing all the emotional beats, or they take waaaayyyy too long, making reveals anti-climactic. Nothing about their storytelling is intense or entertaining or the sort of thing that grabs you by the throat and forces you to watch, making you tune in the next day because you have to FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. The show is overrun by Mary Sues, or characters that suddenly make up the majority of the screen time and the entire show seems to revolve around them, despite a negative audience reaction. And because of their taping schedule, the show can't fix any of the crap that's wrong.

I don't know if a low IQ is a requirement in order to be a network executive, but I can't figure out what the hell else it could be considering how monumentally stupid they all are.
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