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Jan 10 2013, 11:19 AM
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Jan 10 2013, 09:30 AM
So, having not watched it and with no plans to watch it, what's their explanation for the paternity retcon? What paper did Stephanie send?

And what was Philip's reaction? What did Chloe say about it?

Long story short, Stephanie's friend hacked into the lab's computer and changed the paternity before she saw it because he had a crush on her. So it originally said Daniel, then it was changed to Philip, then Caroline changed it back to Daniel. Stephanie's friend made a statement to his lawyer which is what Stephanie faxed to Kayla. All of this is so stupid and contrived.
Okay, so (wasn't that guy's name Ian?) Ian somehow managed to magically hack into the system even though he was with Stephanie every single second once the results came out? She literally never left his side.

So stupid.

It reminds me of back in the day when I used to write fanfic, and I was invited to write a group teen fanfic - basically each author taking a chapter. I put a couple together that the next author didn't like, so she came in and completely undid everything I had just set up and wrote it off without it making any sense. This reminds me of that. Tomsell are so eager to undo everything MarDar/Dena did, they're writing crap that makes no sense and completely contradicts what we saw onscreen.
Actually, I don't think it's stupid. They even had a flashback where Stephanie was waiting for Ian to hack into the system. Just as he got in, Stephanie's phone rang and she stepped away (where she could not see the screen or Ian) to take the call. When she finished, Ian told her the test results were up and showed her. There was plenty of time and opportunity for Ian to change the original result before he showed Stephanie. So, what happened actuallly did make sense and didn't contradict anything that happened onscreen, as the use of the actual show footage shows.

Apparently, Ian had a crush on Stephanie (which several people speculated about 2 years ago) and knew that she believed that if Philip was the father it would ultimately lead to her losing Nathan. Ian wanted that to happen, so he fixed the results so that it showed Philip as the father. Caroline then switched it back.

Ian apparently got himself a drug problem and, in rehab, decided to make amends. He sent Stephanie a sworn affidavit/letter that admitted what he had done. Stephanie then contacted Philip and Chloe. Philip thought Stephanie was playing some kind of game and there was a second DNA test done. It showed the Philip could not be Parker's father. They made the lab double check the results, but it was the same.

Chloe, Philip and Parker came to Salem. Chloe told Daniel, while Philip told Victor (offscreen). Stephanie also called Kayla and told her and faxed her the letter. Kayla then took that to Daniel. Philip was, according to others, devestated. Chloe was thrilled because now she and Daniel and Parker can be a family.
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