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I hope this post does not (a) offend (b) get deleted.

I am happy for the DOOL fans. I am no longer a fan, but do read the boards. I have mixed feelings about the renewal because I have always wanted James Scott to be able to break away from daytime tv. In history, if a daytime actor does not get noticed or is not able to move into bigger roles within a very few years, they are generally not able to make the transition. I know that people say James says he does not want to be a star. Good, because he is well on his way to not becoming one. I believe he honestly feels that way. But, its hard to understand someone going into tv and not wanting stardom. Its kind of like someone going to the Olympics and not wanting to medal. Or someone becoming a doctor and never having the idea in the back of their mind to be the one to happen upon a cure for cancer or AIDS. My opinon only. And I know no one asked.
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