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Sammie Jo
Jan 10 2013, 10:21 AM
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Jan 9 2013, 10:48 PM
They baked cookies as a family and told Faith a little about her sister she will never meet. Sheesh. It's realistic. Most parents don't forget the day their child was born, even if they are gone.
Let's face it... it's because Cassie was Nick and Sharon's daughter. That is most likely why it gets such hate.
IMO it's because Cassie was Sharon's daughter, not Nick's. If Cassie was a Newman, not a child Sharon had with another man, it would not
be such hatred. SMH. People transferring their hate for Sharon onto her daughter. :fp2:
again with the "hate", baloney, just sick of it, every damn year. I would feel the same about any character who was dead for years and was still getting birthday celebrations.
Nobody is "transferring" anything.
I guess the only beef I'd have with it is that it seems to be the only major death that is celebrated on the show regularly. We don't see the Abbotts celebrating John's birthday for example well, they don't need to b/c he appears so often! What about Dru? or Colleen? I wouldn't mind other deceased characters get some attn as well. Spread the love. Doesnt have to be every year but a mention every so often wouldn't hurt. I wouldn't mind if Billy, in this current feud, brought up that Victor wouldn't be alive if not for Colleen's heart...somethng like that.

I can understand why they do keep Cassie at the forefront tho. Her death resulted in the downfall of one of the biggest supercouples on the show.
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