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Jan 10 2013, 10:07 AM
Jan 10 2013, 09:47 AM
That PI will probably be the next one that goes missing!

I'm getting confused about who is running what! Is Cane the CEO of Jabot and he hired Sharon and Adam and now Billy is running Newman?

BTW, I have been watching old clips of Y&R (back in the late 90's and early 00's) I forgot how good the show was. I really hate to see what they have done to some of the character, especially Victor and Sharon. Victor has always been ruthless, but never such a villian and Sharon was a much more powerful and believable actress then too. IDK, maybe just me :shrug:
It does get confusing..

Adam is temporary CEO of Newman and he hires Sharon to work at Newman. I don't know how Billy is coming in to the equation, but it sounds like he will send both Adam and Sharon to Jabot (?). Jabot has now became a part of Newman, so it's all one team. Cane is the CEO of Jabot right now because Neil was fired.
Jack made Billy and Adam co CEOs. Villy & Victor want to oust Adam out of NE so I think thats how Adam ends up at Jabot. If Billy and Victor are making a deal, Victor might say that he wants Sharon out of NE as well so she ends up at Jabot. Since Cane is the CEO at Jabot, they don't have to worry about Adam taking over things since he's not in charge. Adam only cares about NE anyways. And maybe Adam agrees to go to Jabot b/c he doesn't want it merged into NE for Jack's sake so will try to save it from that end. How Adam gets back into NE is a mystery LOL. Frankly I'm getting confused just talking about it!
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