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Viewing Single Post From: Variety: Sudser with a social conscience
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Jan 10 2013, 01:09 PM
Jan 10 2013, 12:47 PM
Abe and Kayla interracial love story > Abby and Cameron interracial love story

Tell this story and tell it meaningfully, DAYS! Kayla brings it in all of her scenes, and they regularly don't give her much to work with.
Aren't Nick and Gabi and Sami and Rafe interacial? Or is it only considered interacial when it's black and white and then it becomes a issue? Ive' never once seen the matter of race brought up with Nabi or Safe.
Y'know what...good point. They're actually better examples, imho, because I don't really consider Cameron/Abby a story of any consequence.

I might just be in a foul mood, but parts of this article really annoy me.

I don't think Days has any kind of social conscience. I think they'll throw on an episode or two about an Issue if they think it will get mainstream press attention (PTSD, bullying, Alzheimers). It's exploitation, which is kind of the opposite of conscience, imho.

I don't think it's particularly modern or evolved, either, especially when it comes to its depiction of women. And while I understand that this article isn't a critical analysis, there's something a bit antiquated about trying to sell me on the idea that Days is hep by highlighting an interracial relationship (which is apparently still groundbreaking...as it was in the 70s) and a couple of adorable gay dudes.

Just...so much bs all in one little piece. I wish they would have celebrated something else about the show for its special day.
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