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Jan 10 2013, 01:58 PM
I see a positive and a negative here. The good news: is that Days is getting good press for a being a diverse and current soap. The bad news: is that Days is getting good press for being a diverse and current soap.

I think it's great that Days can tell stories with interracial couples like Abby/Cameron or Gabi/Nick and that they can have a gay couple on the show like Will/Sonny, but I don't want Days to just be known for those things. I don't want Days to be considered 'vanilla' compared to the other soaps. I want crazy stuff happening again! Yes, being current and up-to-speed with the times is great, but only if they can manage to keep things entertaining and exciting at the same time.
I agree. Since my return to watching DAYS, I have been waiting and waiting for that total insanity that DAYS used to have in the 90's / early 2000's where I couldn't WAIT to see what happened and the teases, twists and turns. This show has not had me on the edge of my seat once since then. I'm really not overly concerned with the "realism" they try to portray because for the most part- They suck at it. I want some over-the-top DiMera kidnapping and microchipping and murderous villains (even short term ones like Franco or whatever...Andrew was a start, but that went to waste too) Not the Days of Sami's Vagina or other such bullshit that I don't care about lol DAYS used to be so much fun. And Eileen and Deidre have been great, Chandler and Arianne also have great moments...but I want some old-school nuttiness back. I want just once to be able to say "Holy shit!" when the big payoff comes. The problem now is that there ARE no big payoffs anymore, nor is there any kind of build to those payoffs. Everytime it starts to happen, the s/l is over in the blink of an eye.
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