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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

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It was also after he talked things out with Maggie and decided the thing with Nicole needed to end. His timing was bad, but we knew he was planning to break things off before Nicole dropped the bomb about the sex.
Yep, that's what happened on the air. Daniel told Maggie he was wrong for trying to pressure Nicole into a relationship just because he was lonely. He went to her hospital room tell her. Before he could, the OB came in and told Nicole she couldn't have sex. Then Dan told Nicole it was for the best because he was wrong to push her to be in a relationship with him. Then Maggie told him about Jack's death.

Listen, I'm not a huge Dan fan. In general, I find him to range from okay to lame. I just want us to discuss characters and their actions based on what happened on-screen, not based on our fanwanking. There are some things on the show that ARE facts. For example, Dan decided to end things with Nicole BEFORE the sex ban and BEFORE he knew about Jack's death. That's what happened. That doesn't mean we can't have opinions about that or think Dan's still a sleazy asshole. But what happened on the show is what happened, whether we like it or not.

Okay, I promise, I'm done now.
He himself said he pressured a relationship, this means he gave her the impression he had feelings for her beyond friendship. Sex or no sex, the man straight out used Nicole if he at any point pressured her to feel more than friends.
Initially it looked like he did have feelings beyond friendship for Nicole. He was jealous when Rafe showed up at her hotel room and he was concerned that Nicole was basically using him while interested in Rafe.

It was only after the whole thing about Melanie's disappearance came out that he had second thoughts and felt like he should pull back and focus on his daughter.

At least...that's how it played out on screen.
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