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E.J. in the present incarnation is a better Hugh Grant than Hugh Grant.
I haven't seen today's show yet...but this doesn't sound like a bad thing to me. :wub:
Well I don't know about being a better Hugh Grant than Hugh Grant (I ADORE Hugh Grant), but as charming and handsome and erudite as Hugh Grant's characters are, in no way should EJ be acting like a bloke out of Notting Hill or Four Weddings. So I found it a little disturbing today, to be totally honest. Because if I am going to like EJ, I am going to like him as a sexy villain. Not as someone dithering and sheepish. JS is handsome and undeniably charming, so it's not the most offensive thing on the planet. But it's not the look I want for EJ.
He could do Hugh Grant from Bridget Jones Diary - Daniel Cleaver.
That was sexy villain. (and crappy fighter)
That would be more acceptable, as Daniel Cleaver was an ass and a cad but a charmer from the gate. Who turned out to be a total sleaze and lost the girl =)

But I cited Notting Hill and Four Weddings for a reason...that was just disappointing to see EJ like that, and I don't even care all that much for the character.

On another note, I rather loved Chloe just closing the door on Kate during one of Kate's rants. Awesome.
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